First Echelon cycling concepts & engagement specializes in the development and implementation of concepts for marketing new businesses and communication for companies, organizers and athletes who are active players in the world of cycling.

At First Echelon we see the bicycle’s potential and we believe that different cyclists, from the simple commuter to the seasoned pro, have a similar view on the world that surrounds them.

Operating from the country that is ruled by wind and bicycles, First Echelon aspires to be a guide for all those who see opportunity in the bicycle’s popularity and appeal, both as a beautiful sport and a sustainable form of mobility.



Cycling offers unlimited possibilities. The sport features a treasure trove of stories and innovative opportunities. It is also extremely easy to access for fans, youths and (new) media. As well as the sport of cycling, there are ever more people taking up cycling as a pastime to increase their health, and as a (cheap and fast) means of transportation and for leisure.

All of these cyclists view the world from their saddles in a similar way – while enjoying freedom and adventure. Meanwhile new regions, politicians and trendy, athletic people are embracing the bicycle worldwide. In the bicycle’s universe the Netherlands remains a paradise, the ultimate test field and guide. Cycling is part of the Dutch DNA thanks to hard work and big investments. After the era of the automobile, and a number of tough years for the sport, the time for the bicycle and cyclist has come. It is from this optimistic point of view that First Echelon regards the two-wheeled machine.

The bicycle is: durable, healthy, relatively cheap, for everyone, practical, politically correct, hip, prestigious, freedom, pleasure, physical exercise, art, relaxing, everywhere, fast, courageous, challenging, heroic and definitely Dutch.



First Echelon has noticed that the bicycle is gaining momentum as a lifestyle, a means to practice sports and as a form of transportation. We firmly believe that all groups that are active in the domain of (sports) bicycles should be able to cash in on this increased popularity.

We start from our belief in the power of the bike. We creatively use the power of the bicycle for the commercial and communicative challenges our clients are faced with whether they are already moving around in the universe of the bicycle or if they would like to start doing so.

In our eyes, the bicycle is a vehicle for adventure, freedom as well as a cheap, sustainable means of mobility. We consider both the pro and the commuter as cyclists and, together with our client we want to reach out to this group as a whole.

With First Echelon we want to constantly think along with and contribute to the increase of cycling pleasure and strengthen the uniting power of the bicycle, from a Dutch point of view.



First Echelon is specialized in finding the right peg for the organization of side-events surrounding a bike race. Our experience in the WorldTour and a big network of contacts within professional cycling means we have hands on experience when it comes to the romance and the sacrifices at the summit of cycling as a sport, and we will use this experience as an inspiration for the public and your stakeholders.

Whether it is networking, an athletic challenge, or an experience, we think that the bicycle is the perfect unifier, and a perfect metaphor for challenges you face as a company.



Professional cyclists are both athletes and performers in an increasingly popular, beautiful and modern spectacle. We are convinced that these accessible athletes have opportunities that will allow them to stand up for themselves. We also see opportunities for athletes to get a higher return out of their sport, which is growing worldwide, and features many captivating storiess. In order to use these opportunities and to obtain the best possible yield, First Echelon will help these athletes claim their spot in the first echelon.

We think that, in order to put in the best possible performance, an athlete needs multifaceted support from a partner and representative who will always have the rider’s best interest in mind. We work with honest athletes who understand that they are role models and who are not afraid to invest in themselves and the future.

First Echelon’s athlete management is founded on three pillars:




Frank Kwanten & First Echelon
Frank Kwanten worked for professional cycling teams, national federations, companies and media active in sports, as well as individual athletes. Furthermore he was professionally involved in projects to stimulate the use of the bicycle, improve the world of pro cycling and several events like the Tour de France and clinics for business people.

First Echelon worked on strategy and implementation of PR, marketing and branding campaigns and projects.

Why First Echelon?
The first echelon in a bicycle race usually contains not only the strongest riders, but also those who are attentive, eager and savvy. In order to take up a spot in the first echelon riders need more than power alone, they also need guts and ingenuity as well as be aware of their own capabilities - big or small - in the right spot at the right time. The road that leads to opportunities starts in the first echelon, therefore the first echelon is a gateway to success.

Clients are often too busy trying to survive on the shoulder of the road and they can use help to keep their focus. Aware of context, and with a clear task and defined goals before us, we try to keep our customers sheltered from the wind.

First Echelon aspires to assist companies, teams, athletes and events to find a spot in the first echelon. We start out from the strong conviction that the bicycle has a definite added value to offer and with love for the sport as a powerful catalyst. The internationally acclaimed bicycle is accessible, healthy and inspiring, we think the time is right to make the best use possible of this popularity for your